Creativity & Abundance , Dreams & Vision

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free size (adjustable)
mandarin garnet : 7 x 9 mm
peridot : 7 x 9 mm
+ chrome diopside

sterling silver
rose gold plating

Mandarin Garnet

  • known as Garnet of the Sun, Its energizing warmth radiates in shades of dark gold, orange, scarlet and deep red
  • its high vibrational rate strengthens the heart
  • alleviates fear and provides confidence to change one's life
  • associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, its healing rays awakens latent creative energies and lending power to one's will

Peridot increases financial and spiritual abundance


Chrome Diopside

  • promotes deep peace and tranquility
  • revitalises the chakras and heals the subtle bodies.

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