* Reserved C.H * Tantric Twin Lemurian

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The Mystic's Treasures Edition
Ultra Rare x Potent

Code : L21.lx5
Weight : 444 g
Dimensions : 5.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 cm


Universal Life Force of Togetherness and Cohesion 
Right Relationship and Loving Union


The Tantric Twin is a Master Healer with two terminations at the same end that have grown from the same base, representing perfect relationship.
They amplify a frequency of balance between the outer manifestation of self and the inner self resonating the same energy flow.


This powerful configuration can be used on a personal level towards achieving union with your higher self as its essence is one of union.
It is also an excellent tool for enhancing compatibility between individuals on any level of relationship.


Lemurian Quartz

  • unlocks, activates, awakens and repairs DNA strands
  • awakens ancient memories and gifts of past lifetime

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