Paiste is famous for making cymbals and gongs of the highest quality. It was founded in the early 1900s by Estonian musician Toomas Paiste in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has remained a family company handed down through generations, going from strength to strength.

Originally making gongs for musicians and symphonic orchestras, Paiste has spent the last four decades working consciously with sound healers to create gongs of superior healing resonance.

Strict quality control ensures each hand-made Paiste gong is painstakingly crafted, and held to the highest standard. Two-man teams hammer and shape the gong, and the Gongmaster-maker is responsible for fine tuning the gong to match the relevant 'master' gong in the factory. It is then waxed and ready to be shipped. There are a total of Three two-man teams working full time to produce about 120 gongs a month, which are in high demand throughout the entire world. So the process of finding and acquiring a gong can be a meditative exercise in patience!

Paiste gongs are well worth the wait...

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