Smokey Citrine Elestial * 56 KG Traveller Grand Master Skull *

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Weight : 56 kg
Dimensions : 26 x 70 x 32 cm


This being is filled with rainbows, and it feels like new ones appear every time she is illuminated. Large networks of rainbows shine and dance in her third eye and jaw, down the right side of the face.

Illumination reveals magical treasures, as light passes through and showcases her crystalline inner worlds. When viewed from the right side she seems much darker, and yet turn to see her through the left, and she appears brightly transparent! Strains of milky quartz on the left side of her traveller's spire also reflect the lights, adding to the brightness.

Sprawling intricate networks of light codes cover all the raw surfaces, intentionally left untouched by the master carver. Black tourmaline needles can be found throughout the left side of the tail, spread throughout the milky quartz, smokey quartz and citrine.

At 56 kg she is a super power house of energy. 


Origin : Galiléia, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil  

As listed for the Tucson Gem Show, the energy exchange is USD 28,000 ( please refer to image 5 )

Temple of Alchemy is able to offer her at a special energy exchange + FREE DHL door to door shipping + FULLY INSURED.

She travels in an exclusive custom made travelling case complete with padlock and rollers. This travelling case is a complimentary gift from Leandro Souza and Temple of Alchemy.

To be her keeper, email :

For efficient use of time and energy, kindly email only if/when

  • you know you are her keeper
  • you want to be her keeper and are answering to her calling
  • you are ready to be her keeper
  • you know what you are meant to do / work with her
  • you have meditated enough and consulted your guides to know clearly
  • you have the means for the energy exchange ( above USD 20,000 )

She will speak to you ... and you will know ...  👁❤️👁


The combination of Smokey Quartz  and Citrine  provides

  • a connection with the star people of this planet and other realms
  • removes obstacles from your spiritual path
  • removes self-sabotaging beliefs from the past
  • moves you out of old environment which no longer grows and expands by first purifying the etheric blueprint , and then aligning the solar chakra to the earth chakra.

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