* Reserved S.P * Totem * Master Mohican * Smokey Amethyst Elestial + Feldspar x Lepidolite x Citrine x Clear Quartz



Balance : USD 1024

Code : 7.3 
Weight : 11 kg
Dimensions : 25 x 14 x 33 cm

Being in relationship with Totem is being in connection with the Divine. We enter into a realm of deep communion with Spirit Guides, Totem Animals and Guardian Angels.

Journey with Totem into higher states of awareness by cutting through illusion of this plane.


This is from an elestial find from Sao Jose do Divino in Brazil, close to Leandro's hometown. In Leandro's words 'They are extremely special, their energy is unlike elestials found elsewhere'

From the group of Mohicans brought forth, Leandro has recognised the 3 Master Mohicans here at the Temple as being of the highest vibration and strongest presence.

Leandro selected the best from the largest elestials of the lot, considered to be of supreme quality, and gave birth to these 3 Master Mohicans.


The final of the 3 Master Mohicans at the Temple, sitting in Ceremony with Akator and the 4 Master guardian crystal skulls from circle Zero... reveals his*her name as Totem.

The back is completely raw and natural, while the face is very clearly split vertically down the middle. The left is dark, the moon, the goddess, the Sacred Feminine in all her mysterious and alluring beauty. The right is light, the sun, the solar king Divine Masculine in all his resplendent royalty.


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