* Ultra Rare * Tricolour Elestial Sceptre Queen * Smokey x Citrine x Milky *

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Code : 9.3x 
Weight : 3383 g
Dimensions : 9.5 x 11 x 32 cm


'This is a precious treasure find from Virgem Da Lapa Mine, Brazil, a Sceptre Queen...' 

~ Leandro de Souza


In Atlantis and Lemuria crystal sceptres were wielded by the high priests and priestesses in healing rituals. They were used as a powerful healing tool to direct focused energy .

Both the crown and tapering base are smokey quartz, while the eyes area is citrine and the mouth is milky quartz.

Intricate lightcodes run down the length of the rear 4 sides.

The crown is filled with small rainbows, and every time we stare at this sceptre we find new rainbows, now many appearing within the citrine areas, as yet not showcased in these images.

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