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Totem Ring

free size (adjustable)
main stone : moonstone 6 x 8 mm
alligator's eyes : amethyst

sterling silver
rose gold plating


The alligator’s gift to see well underwater allows the wearer to attune to this energy ~ the ability to dive into the waters of the emotional world and see clearly.
Fearless and fiercely protective ... Call upon this spirit animal to strike clarity , heal, cleanse and ground into the fluidity and vulnerability of the emotional realms.


Moonstone ~ the High Priestess' gem, keeper of the feminine mysteries

Moonstone clears the aura and leads one on a journey into past lives, a journey of re-claiming feminine power and re-connection to the goddess.

The dance of light within reveals the hidden truths residing in one's depth of consciousness.
As a talisman for the journey towards the light of consciousness, the missing aspects of one's self will be revealed.

Amethyst : Stone of Spiritual Protection & Purification

  • stimulates the pineal gland, activates the Crown chakra, moves you into a deep state of meditation effortlessly
  • helps you reach a relaxed state in which you can more easily connect with interplanetary beings, guides and helpers
  • creates a protective energetic shield around you, a field of Spiritual Light surrounding the body, protects from psychic attack
  • assists in cutting chords, purging off karmic baggage
  • transmutes lower energies into higher frequencies of joy, love , happiness, acceptance and peace
  • facilitates the remembrance of the state of peace before birth

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