* RESERVED A.H * Chlorite x Golden Healer + Phantoms

Balance : USD 2174

Code :Ā L24.fc4
Weight : 3 kg
Dimensions : 10 x 16 x 13 cm

šŸ’Ž Supreme GradeĀ šŸ’Ž


āš” Clear Out Garbage from The PastĀ āš”

Ā š“†ƒ Chlorite with Phantoms is an exceptionalĀ healer of the physical body, helping the body absorb high frequency earth energy.

š“†ƒ POWERFUL for accessing past lives and meeting your spiritual guide , connect with this Special One through the 3rd eye and 'walk through the phantoms'.

  • representĀ transformation, they teach us how to move on to the next level. Points the soul in the best direction for growth & enlightenment
  • show us the cycles of life and the need for the old to die to give life to the new
  • facilitate broader spiritual awareness and smooth all periods of transition creating effortless movement between stages of growth
  • hold space for theĀ assimilation of past lessons & reveal the strength within ourĀ spiritual core, turning old wounds into new beauty
  • teach us how to turn toxic environments into joyful opportunities
  • activate healing ability and the opening of psychic abilities
  • call past life powers into the physical realm for use in this lifetime.
  • assist usĀ to see between the worlds & converse with other realities
  • open communications to beings from other worlds, particularly useful for contacting guides & stimulating clairaudience
  • enhance meditation & release ingrained patterns
  • shift perception of self, unveiling ourĀ eternal truths & open the internal light source

š“‰‘š“¼Ā The Energy BodyguardĀ š“¼š“‰‘

Ā Chlorite

  • purifies, cleanses and detoxifies the aura, chakras, energy meridians and the physical body of negative energy
  • stimulates inspiration , brings clarity to dreamwork and visualisation during meditation to create a positive future

Golden Healer

* Raises Vibrations *
* Amplifies Intentions *
* Releases Blockages *

Golden Healer allows for the golden light of Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the Crown Chakra. This golden light flows throughout the entire being as it clears blockages and imbalances that ready the mind, body and spirit for multi dimensional and multi faceted healing.

  • purifies and re-energises the chakras
  • releases toxic mental and emotional conditioning

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