The Moon Goddess
Code : L19.mm4
Weight : 1.5 kg
Dimensions : 9 x 9 x 33 cm

Dream Amethyst Crystal Skull
Code : L21.fc18
Weight : 2.84 kg
Dimensions : 10 x 14 x 13 cm

Trolleite Crystal Skull
Code : L18.fc2
Weight : 606 g
Dimensions : 6 x 9 x 7 cm

Blue Flash Labradorite Ganesha
Code : LL1
Weight : 440 g
Dimensions : 6.5 x 5.5 x 10.5 cm


To program Ganesha :

Once Ganesha has arrived, you may wish to cleanse him before programming. This can be done easily in a number of ways such as the smoke from sage, running water, visualisation or vocal toning.

When you're ready, please take Ganesha and find a quiet place to relax and be comfortable.

Place Ganesha in your hand and look over him carefully. It is important to see each change of color, each line, and each glimmer. Understand exactly how Ganesha looks and how he makes you feel. It's important to hold on to that feeling as you move on to the next step.

Hold Ganesha at the heart centre : in between both palms, with the hands pressed in front vertically (like a prayer position) .
Press your hands together and close your eyes as you take in a deep breath. Feel your lungs fill to max capacity as your chest expands completely. Focus on the feeling Ganesha has stirred in you earlier. Visualise how he looks, everything you just observed, even as your eyes are closed.
Take your time with long deep breathing, allowing the energy of Ganesha to flow through the palms of your hands into your entire being, allowing any energy that doesn't serve you to be purged through the soles of your feet releasing back into Mother Earth.

Speak this mantra aloud or to yourself. If you feel comfortable, you can also substitute this with your own mantra or spell.
"I ask of thee now, please keep away from me
all acts of betrayal, evil, and negativity
If misfortune shall ever come and find my door
please send it far away from me forevermore
I banish the negative energy and thoughts in my life
nor more will I suffer or anguish in strife
I thank thee for your gift of protection
I appreciate and now instill this Divine connection"

Once you are done, you can then open your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out through the mouth before revealing Ganesha in your hand.
You can now place Ganesha wherever you would like and benefit immensely from his healing and protective energy.



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