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Mermaid Medicine Sphere

Designed for healing and meditation, intricately carved by Temple of Alchemy's artisan.

Highly activated, sits nicely on the palm ... high vibrational mermaid energy can be felt swimming through the palm chakra.

She is powerful medicine when placed on the sacral, navel, heart or throat chakra.

Approximately 2.5 cm diameter.


Fluorite is known as the most colourful mineral in the world

  • most effective as a Psychic Vacuum Cleaner
  • clears mental fog, confusion, scattered and cluttered thoughts caused by insecurity and fear of the future
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • links the human mind to universal consciousness
  • enhances connection to Spirit

Green Fluorite cleanses the aura, chakras and subconscious mind. 'Gives new life' to the chakras by transmuting negativity towards the light and love of the universe.

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