Green Fluorite

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Serpent Goddess Wand

Dimensions : 3 x 3 x 23 cm

The serpent goddess is intricately carved from free fallen deer antler by Temple of Alchemy's artisan.
Set in silver, faceted peridot and green fluorite as the main crystal.

She is the rising energy of the awakening Kundalini.
In her hands, from the heart of her womb ... she offers the sacred conch containing the treasure of emotional nourishment.
She offers magic, protection, blessings and abundance.
She aligns the stars and all relationships in all forms and all planes of existence.



  • is most effective as a Psychic Vacuum Cleaner
  • clears mental fog, confusion, scattered and cluttered thoughts caused by insecurity and fear of the future
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • links the human mind to universal consciousness
  • enhances connection to Spirit

Green fluorite cleanses the aura, chakras and subconscious mind. 'Gives new life' to the chakras by transmuting negativity towards the light and love of the universe.


Peridot for spiritual and material abundance.

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