Kundalini Shakti

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Power Ring

free size (adjustable)

sterling silver
14k gold plating

Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again
~  Buddha ~
The Kundalini Shakti represents the awakening of Human Potential


Chrome Diopside for deep peace and tranquility. Revitalises the chakras and heals the subtle bodies.

Believed to have fallen from the Tree of Life, chrome diopside helps one to remember forgotten knowledge, reconnect to the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdom.


Ruby stimulates the flow of prana through the body

⚡life force ⚡ courage ⚡ passion ⚡strength ⚡ enthusiasm ⚡ protection 


Zircon opens doorways to the higher realms, helps translate intuitive impulses into conscious understanding.



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