Lemurian + Rainbows

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Crystal Skull Mask
Master of Alchemy

Code : L12.10
Weight : 1.71 kg
Dimensions : 18.5 x 5 x 27 cm

Ankh + base : 8.3 kg 
Total weight : Mask + Ankh + base : 10.01 kg


See and understand the universe through the eyes of the Lemurian Elder ...

  • unlock, activate, awaken and repair DNA strands
  • awaken ancient memories and gifts of past lifetime

Special feature : On the 👁❤️👁3rd Eye area, resides a faceted amethyst Scarab.

A metal Ankh stand with a smokey quartz base accompanies this Master of Alchemy.

The crystal base is extremely heavy, solid and a beauty. The energy is powerful and intense, the inclusion of feldspar, golden rutiles, black tourmaline, red hematite and lepidolite are amplified by the smokey quartz. Most importantly, the base is filled with devic temples within, some are illuminated by bright coloured rainbows. An entire universe within, the sacred dwelling of divine beings.


Smokey Quartz

  • facilitates the grounding of spiritual information. This helps the understanding of experience & insights gained from the higher vibrational plane , assimilating them in a practical , relatable and beneficial manner in the earth plane.
  • highly protective and extremely cleansing , clears the space of unlimited amount of negative energy.
  • purges the atmosphere of unspoken resentment & suppressed conflict.
  • assists in achieving personal + business goals by drawing the energy from the etheric plane into manifestation in the physical reality. Brings dreams and inspired ideas into being.


White Feldspar has a strong connection to the moon and inter-galactic intelligence.


Golden Rutiles

  • connection to spiritual guidance by infusing the etheric body with Divine Light.
  • powerful thought amplifier , to manifest through the power of intention.


Black Tourmaline

  • has a high electric charge and is grounding at the same time. This charge purifies the 'electrical' system in the body, activates the chakras and expands the aura. It then provides a grounding path for Light to move through.
  • psychic protection.
  • powerful etheric vacuum cleaner, cleanses the auric field and etheric body of imbalances and disharmony.
  • gets rid of destructive thoughts and emotions.


Red Hematite is grounding and protective

  • dissolves and deflects negativity
  • prevents the absorption of negativity from others


Lepidolite for Shamanic Journeying and access to the Akashic Records.

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