Totem Bracelet

200.5 x 10.5 x 10 mm
sterling silver
14 k white gold plating


Call upon the medicine of Leopard to

  • guide you on vision quests to find your magic, talent and creativity
  • lay down your fear and discover your deepest dreams, to see the vision in the heart of your highest self



  • Stone of Prosperity, attunes your vibrational frequency to attract what you need and desire
  • Stone of Successful Love, opens the heart, diffuses sadness and heaviness in the emotional body. It's soothing and nurturing energy infuses the auric field with the energy of hope, encouragement and abundance
  • Stone of Great Vision and Intuition , brings the unconscious to the conscious


Ruby stimulates the flow of prana through the body

⚡life force ⚡ courage ⚡ passion ⚡strength ⚡ enthusiasm ⚡ protection 


Zircon opens doorways to the higher realms, haps translate intuitive impulses into conscious understanding

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