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Totem Ring

size 5.5
leopard's eyes : aquamarine
leopard's spots : black spinel

sterling silver
black rhodium and gold plating


Call upon the medicine of Leopard to

  • guide you on vision quests to find your magic, talent and creativity
  • lay down your fear and discover your deepest dreams, to see the vision in the heart of your highest self

Doorway to communication with the Goddess, within the self and her many manifestations.

  • calms frustration and cools temper
  • cleanses the emotional body and clears communication issues
  • releases old attachments , patterns and ways of being
  • helps the letting go of the past and to 'go with the flow'

Black Spinel ~ Stone of Revitalisation and New Hope

  • releases the past to move forward into the future
  • a root chakra stone, stimulates the Kundalini



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