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4 x 2 x 8 cm

*** The back part of the opal is not fully polished or covered with silver. This is to facilitate direct contact on the skin with the mermaid and opal for a powerful transmission of energy.

Astral Travel with the Mermaid
Especially beneficial for the sound healer 
❤️ or anyone who resonates with the mermaid energy ❤️ 
  • to receive intuitive information and to clearly express it
  • to channel songs of the ocean and the mermaids


Blue Opal parts the veil that separates one from awareness of past incarnation.


Herkimer Diamond ... the most potent of all quartz crystals.

  • channels pure Divine Light and amplifies spiritual energy


Peridot for financial and spiritual abundance. Peridot has the ability to generate the 'frequency of increase' , this frequency can be used to manifest wealth, abundance and well being in all areas of life.


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