Smokey Lemon Quartz + Rainbows

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Twin Flame Heart

Code : L4.25
Weight : 355 g
Dimensions : 6.5 x 5.5 x 9 cm

* The visible hairline fissures are natural, not an indication of damage after this Twin Flame was carved.
They were formed when the crystal was growing.

Powerful combination of the properties of both smokey and lemon quartz, a double dose of purification, protection and transmutation of negative energy.


Smokey Lemon Quartz 

The Solar Energy Generator
Step into Power with Ease & Grace

  • channels the Golden Ray : activates optimism, courage, will, decisiveness and power

Smokey Quartz

  • facilitates the grounding of spiritual information. This helps the understanding of experiences & insights gained from the higher vibrational plane , assimilating them in a practical , relatable and beneficial manner in the earth plane
  • highly protective and extremely cleansing , clears the space of unlimited amount of negative energy
  • purges the atmosphere of unspoken resentment & suppressed conflict
  • assists in achieving personal + business goals by drawing the energy from the etheric plane into manifestation in the physical reality. Brings dreams and inspired ideas into being

Lemon Quartz

  • brings sunshine in to the Heart center, brightens the hidden chambers of the Heart... where feelings of a lower vibration hide. Joy and Hope begins to shine their Light
  • activates the inner sense of Seeing in Heart Space, where one can focus on one's Dreams, with a positive and bright outlook . This leads to dreaming vision into reality
  • activates the Heart's capacity to manifest


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