Rose Quartz

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Twin Flame Heart

Code : 4.41
Weight : 821 g
Dimensions : 8.5 x 6.5 x 12 cm


To be placed on the Heart chakra to transmute and liberate emotional memories that are no longer in alignment with Truth.


Milky white sections are opaque whereas the pink areas are actually translucent, allowing you to gaze into the shallow depths.

Two patches of milky white on one side covering both heads, is the center point for circular striations of white, flowing at a diagonal.

These are then intersected by vertical rings, most visible on the 'back' side.

This interlacing signifies the beautiful cosmic web, known in Hindu mythology as Indra's Net.


Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stone for the activation of the human crystal, as the heart center is the most powerful generator of Light energy.

* Unconditional Love * Peace * Harmony * Self Love * Self Worth *
* Forgiveness * Acceptance to Change *
Rose Quartz , the Great Heart Healer
  • Stone of Love, heals the heart of its wounds & reawakens trust
  • soothing vibrations act as a healing balm to the emotional body, calming & cleansing the auric field
  • calms the mind, releasing worry, fear, anxiety and past trauma and heartaches.
  • releases unexpressed emotions
  • comforts grief to those who have loved and lost
  • links the human heart to the heart of the Earth, and the heart of the Universe

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