* G.A * Sekhmet

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The Mystic's Treasures Edition 
Ultra Rare x Potent
Master Skull

Code : L24.ms1

1.8 kg 
12 x 6 x 16.5 cm

Quartz cluster base
1.35 kg 
16 x 19 x 8 cm


Sacred Heart Sekhmet

The Goddess appears here in her compassionate aspect.
Through the portal of her Sacred Heart, our heart is connected to the Great Mother's heart ... we are immersed in  Divine Unconditional Love for All Humanity.

Connecting to the Sacred Heart of Sekhmet brings Peace, Security and Trust during trying times.

Sekhmet will receive our pain and suffering as an offering and transmute them so that the electromagnetic field of our heart can be cleansed and its vibrational frequency altered and elevated.

♡ Carved from the same Mother crystal as Devine, the 162.8 kg Master Skull.

This is an exceptionally rare crystal ... under the sun ... silverish light can be seen flashing from the rutiles.

If you look closely, there are rainbow colours running along the rutiles.

* The silver lights and rainbows can be seen in person, they're not showing up in the photos.

The dark blueish hue is from actinolite.


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