Record Keeper Sirius Quartz 👁👽👁 3rd Eye Rainbows x ❤️ Shape Crown

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The Mystic's Treasures Edition
Ultra Rare x Potent

Code : L11.2x 
Weight : 754 g
Dimensions : 8 x 12 x 7.5 cm



  • a group of rainbows on the  👁👽👁 3rd Eye area (not showing up as much in photos but can be seen clearly in person)
  • Crown is ❤️ shape
  • in the ❤️ is where the hidden keys are.There are 2 record keepers but extremely faint (cannot be captured by the camera) and a few very tiny indented record keepers. You really have to look, it feels like there may be 1 or 2 hidden ones. Impossible to capture with the camera but they are there.
  • light codes concentrated at the bottom of the skull
Note from Leandro :
This One is from a special mine in Bahia, Brazil.
This is the location of a Master Crystal Temple + one of the most powerful crystal vortex in the world. The quartz from this area have clear Sirian energies . They open the etheric gates and dimensional portals.

On surfaces where there are striations of light codes and markings, they have been left natural and untouched.

It is believed that these codes and markings were left by the star people. Each pattern and flow of markings are unique to a specific star system.

They begin to tell their stories and reveal more as you connect with them, with this One, it is the Sirian star connection. 

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