Smokey Citrine Elestial + Chalcedony + Rainbows

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Twin Flame Heart

Code : L5.38
Weight : 459 g
Dimensions : 7.5 x 5 x 10.5 cm


This is from an elestial find from Sao Jose do Divino in Brazil, close to Leandro's hometown. In Leandro's words 'They are extremely special, their energy is unlike elestials found elsewhere'

They have a high vibrational field as the energies within amplify and magnify each other. Being in their presence, one is instantly elevated into a state of Lightness and an expansion of the Auric Field.

The interesting marriage of smokey quartz, citrine and chalcedony in the form of elestial makes this pair extra special and rare.

Chalcedony is the Native American Indian's sacred stone. They are used in sacred ceremonies to assist thought transmission and telepathy.


Smokey Citrine

The combination of smokey quartz and citrine provides 

  • a connection with the star people of this planet and other realms
  • removes obstacles from your spiritual path
  • removes self-sabotaging beliefs from the past
  • moves you out of old environment which no longer grow and expand by first purifying the etheric blueprint, followed by the alignment of the solar chakra to the earth chakra


Elestial : Crystal of the Angels from Minais Gerais Brazil

An Elestial is a crystalline switchboard with inter dimensional circuits connecting time-space with consciousness from the higher realms

  • crown chakra and soul star chakra activation, assisting the flow of Divine energy to move throughout the entire chakra system… Infusing it with high vibrational energies of Love and Light from the Angelic realm
  • stimulates the 3rd eye chakra , birthing psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience
  • connection to the Angelic Realm - connects us to angels and ascended beings in other dimension and brings us their messages, information and love
  • works on many levels and brings us significant lessons and change. Elestial crystals provide us comfort and support. They are also great for removing blockages and fear, overcoming emotional baggage, easing the load on the heart, connecting with our timeless self and bringing us the necessary changes. Elestials can take us back to our past lives in an attempt to understand and heal our genetic blueprint, current karma and spiritual journey
  • powerful deep emotional cleanser






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