Smoky Quartz Fairy

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Code : F38
Weight : 461 g
Dimensions : 9.5 x 6 x 14.5 cm

She is of smoky quartz, with orange fluorite wings on an amethyst base. 


  • most effective as a Psychic Vacuum Cleaner
  • clears mental fog, confusion, scattered and cluttered thoughts caused by insecurity and fear of the future
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • links the human mind to universal consciousness
  • enhances connection to Spirit

Golden/Orange is highly energising , enhances creativity, encourages the use of it to create abundance, amplifies the power of the mind's projection.


Amethyst : Stone of Spiritual Protection & Purification

  • stimulates the pineal gland, activates the Crown chakra, moves you into a deep state of meditation effortlessly
  • helps you reach a relaxed state in which you can more easily connect with interplanetary beings, guides and helpers
  • creates a protective energetic shield around you, a field of Spiritual Light surrounding the body, protects from psychic attack
  • assists in cutting chords, purging off karmic baggage
  • transmutes lower energies into higher frequencies of joy, love , happiness, acceptance and peace
  • facilitates the remembrance of the state of perfect peace before birth

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