Smokey Quartz + Golden Rutiles + Chalcedony + Hematite + Rainbows

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Code : L12.31
Weight : 348 g
Dimensions : 5 x 5.5 x 11.5 cm

Special features :

  • there are golden rutiles running through the 3rd eye area and rainbows just right above the left eye
  • the inclusion of feldspar and hematite within the skull creates a mystical landscape, for you to journey within.


Golden Rutiles 

  • connection to spiritual guidance by infusing the etheric body with Divine Light
  • powerful thought amplifier , to manifest through the power of intention

3 main characteristics of rutiles :

  • Antenna : They are like radio antennas tuning consciousness to the frequency of Divine intention and cosmic flow, enhancing synchronicity. They help tune the 'psychic antenna' to enhance intuition.
  • Amplifier : Magnify intention, accelerates manifestation.
  • Accelerator : Every thing happens more quickly - psychic opening, spiritual growth, expansion and evolution

Chalcedony is the Native American Indian's sacred stone. They are used in sacred ceremonies to assist thought transmission and telepathy. 


  • grounding & protective
  • dissolves and deflects negativity, prevents the absorption of negativity from others


Smokey Quartz

  • facilitates the grounding of spiritual information. This helps the understanding of experiences & insights gained from the higher vibrational plane , assimilating them in a practical , relatable and beneficial manner in the earth plane
  • highly protective and extremely cleansing , clears the space of unlimited amount of negative energy
  • purges the atmosphere of unspoken resentment & suppressed conflict
  • assists in achieving personal + business goals by drawing the energy from the etheric plane into manifestation in the physical reality. Brings dreams and inspired ideas into being





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