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Totem Ring

free size (adjustable)
main stone : opal 8 x 7 mm
alligator's eyes : blue sapphire

sterling silver
black rhodium and rose gold plating


The alligator’s gift to see well underwater allows the wearer to attune to this energy ~ the ability to dive into the waters of the emotional world and see clearly.
Fearless and fiercely protective ... Call upon this spirit animal to strike clarity , heal, cleanse and ground into the fluidity and vulnerability of the emotional realms.


Opal ~ Stone of Happy Dreams and Changes
Used by Native American Indians and the Australian Aboriginals during vision quest and ceremonial dreamtime ... it is a stone of cosmic consciousness, invoking psychic and mystical visions.


Blue Sapphire

  • stimulates psychic vision, extra sensory perception and inner knowing
  • clears mental fog and confusion 

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