Supreme Grade Chlorite in Quartz + Phantoms

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The Mystic's Treasures Edition 
Ultra Rare x Potent
Star Child

Code : L22.fc4
Weight : 859 g
Dimensions : 6.5 x 11.5 x 8 cm

⚡ Clear Out Garbage from The Past , Turn Old Wounds into New Beauty ⚡

 𓆃 Chlorite with Phantoms is an exceptional healer of the physical body, helping the body absorb high frequency earth energy

𓆃 POWERFUL for accessing past lives and meeting your spiritual guide , connect with this Special One through the 3rd eye and 'walk through the phantoms' 



  • represent transformation, they teach us how to move on to the next level. Points the soul in the best direction for growth & enlightenment
  • show us the cycles of life and the need for the old to die to give life to the new
  • facilitate broader spiritual awareness and smooth all periods of transition creating effortless movement between stages of growth
  • hold space for the assimilation of past lessons & reveal the strength within our spiritual core, turning old wounds into new beauty
  • teach us how to turn toxic environments into joyful opportunities
  • activate healing ability and the opening of psychic abilities
  • call past life powers into the physical realm for use in this lifetime.
  • assist us to see between the worlds & converse with other realities
  • open communications to beings from other worlds, particularly useful for contacting guides & stimulating clairaudience
  • enhance meditation & release ingrained patterns
  • shift perception of self, unveiling our eternal truths & open the internal light source


𓉑𓁼 The Energy Bodyguard 𓁼𓉑


  • purifies, cleanses and detoxifies the aura, chakras, energy meridians and the physical body of negative energy
  • stimulates inspiration , brings clarity to dreamwork and visualisation during meditation to create a positive future

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