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Totem Ring

size 7.5 (slightly adjustable)
tiger's eyes : chrome diopside
+ tanzanite + blue topaz + zircon

sterling silver


If you're feeling stuck in an energetic rut, Tiger Medicine will help you move through it.


Chrome Diopside for deep peace and tranquility. Revitalises the chakras and heals the subtle bodies.

Believed to have fallen from the Tree of Life, chrome diopside helps to remember forgotten knowledge, reconnects to the healing energies of the plant and animal kingdom.



  • aligns the heart and mind
  • activates the 3rd eye, crown and etheric chakras to receive visions, messages and guidance from guides from a higher vibrational plane


Blue Topaz for inner guidance and spiritual insights, increases sensitivity of the inner senses and psychic abilities.


Zircon opens doorways to the higher realms, haps translate intuitive impulses into conscious understanding.


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