π“‚€ Triple Heart Healer π“‚€ on Angel Wings

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Power Ring

size 7.5
main stone : pink tourmaline 8 x 9 mm
+ green tourmaline + red tourmalineΒ 

sterling silver
black rhodium and 14k gold plating




  • shines the Light of Love to areas of the Heart which have been numbed and hurt as a result of abuse, trauma or rejection and old wounds from past relationships. This Light warms and soothes the Heart, so that it may once again feel Joy


  • heals auric tears
  • detoxifies the heart of old wounds
  • helps one connect to the energy and vibration of Mother Earth for healing

Β Red

  • accesses and activates the heart deeper than any other heart stones, awakeningΒ feelings of love
  • links the individual heart to the universal heart, to draw upon its nurturing energies to heal emotional wounds


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