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Spirit Guide Earrings

47 x 23 x 14 mm
sterling silver
black rhodium and rose gold plating


Call upon Unicorn Magic to give you the 𓂀 Eyes to See Possibilities 𓂀 and the 𓆃 Wisdom 𓆃 to take advantage of them.


Pink Opal opens the doors to

  • spiritual journeying
  • new beginnings
  • infinite potential


Garnet ~ Stone of Spiritual Healing

Invoke the primordial 🔥 for purification and regeneration.

The highly empowering energy of garnet boosts confidence to remain spiritually strong, while providing extra grounding energy and psychic protection.

  • energising and regenerative
  • balances, strengthens and protects the auric field
  • opens the heart to new possibilities


Blue Topaz for inner guidance and spiritual insights, increases sensitivity of the inner senses and psychic abilities. 


Blue Sapphire

  • stimulates psychic vision, extra sensory perception and inner knowing
  • clears mental fog and confusion 

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