The Mohicans ~ Warriors of the Light

August 30, 2015

Photos will be added daily (maybe except on weekends) of the 9 Mohicans' journey coming into life with the Master Carver.

This is in honour of Leandro's great work , in sharing his journey of Love with you.

To register interest as a keeper or enquiries on price range pls email
Full details on energy exchange and weight will be released towards mid September

9 Rare Master Skulls in the form of the powerful combination of the energies below:

* Elestial *
Feldspar x Muscovite Mica x Amethyst x Smokey Quartz x Lepidolite x Citrine x Clear Quartz

* Warriors of the Light *
Light of the Great Spirit

Each of them bearing 9 gifts of the Great Spirit & the Warrior of the Light.
The 9 gifts of the Great Spirit
~ Grace
~ Unconditional Love
~ the Word Wisdom
~ the Word of Knowledge
~ Seeing & Discernment
~ Healing
~ the Working of Miracles
~ Mercy & Compassion
~ Trust & Faith

The 9 gifts of the Warrior of the Light
~ Awareness & Clarity
~ Courage
~ Devotion
~ Discipline
~ Dedication & Commitment
~ Confidence
~ Patience, the knowing of right action & timing
~ Humility
~ Honesty & Integrity
The Mohicans
The 9 Chosen Ones
The MohicansThe MohicansThe MohicansThe Mohicans
The MohicansThe Mohicans
The MohicansThe Mohicans
The Mohicans
The Mohicans
The Mohicans

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