* Twin Flame Hearts *
2 Crystal Skulls
One Male, One Female

Formed in the shape of the Human Heart

The Power of 2 Crystal Skulls
Magnified by the Power of the Heart
The Merging of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Births the Heart's Infinite Potential to Co-Create

Twin Flame Hearts

Male Crystal Skull for Solar Activation : Dare to dream a new story of Love

* Desire , Strength , Courage , Authenticity , Radical Honesty , Love in Action *

Female Crystal Skull for Lunar Activation  
Opening the Heart to Love , to Trust and to Receive
 * Kindness , Compassion , Patience , Surrender *


Male + Female Crystal Skull = Sacred Union

A High Level of Alchemy, uniting the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Living in a fluid state of Grace

Merging with your Twin half , inner and outer 

Experiencing communion with Gaia, with the Cosmos, with the All 

Receiving Grace and catalyzing an incredible Rebirth

Activates Heart Consciousness : Seeing, Hearing, Speaking, Feeling , Being and Doing in Heart Space

Knowing that it is ALL within you, and all things are possible right now

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