Leandro Souza Crystal Skulls Mystic's Treasure Collection

A specially curated collection of Crystal Beings recognised and honoured for their exceptionally powerful/high vibration.

Each piece is legitimately powerful and extremely rare, showcasing a unique combination of different crystal types, structural traits and aesthetic characteristics, the blending of which greatly increases the energies and enhances their sophistication in raising your vibration.

They assist the seeker to develop the awareness and energetic capacity required to achieve and sustain: heightened and illuminated states of consciousness, esoteric energy practices, and potent higher level alchemy.

Most advanced esoteric schools of spiritual illumination and development, as well as the schools of high magic and ceremony, involve dedicated and intense practices for focusing and harnessing awareness, and drawing in and containing immense forms of energy.

These special Crystal Beings are potent allies , treasures for the Seeker consciously walking the Mystic's path.

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