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Leandro Souza & the 13 crystal skulls master crown

Temple of Alchemy is a dedicated Leandro Souza Crystal Skull Temple, working closely with the Master Carver himself. It is home to the World's Largest Crystal Skull : Akator ... and 4 larger than life Master Crystal Skulls : Happy Jack, Elvis, Brothers and Ricardo II. Collectively, the 5 Masters weigh close to 400 kgs. 

We are the keepers of 2 exclusive Master Crystal Skull Crowns : the 13 Skulls Master Crowns .The only ones ever created in the world . A Male and a Female Crystal Skull Crown. Leandro was guided to specifically create them, they connect to the consciousness of the 13 crystal skulls. 

The Crowns are only to be reproduced, and custom made by applying to Temple of Alchemy . They are highly sacred and powerful energies to work with, therefore, much care is taken for them to be made  for those who are ready.  

The 5 Masters sit in ceremony with all the crystal skulls that we caretake before they find their way to you. Sacred ceremonies are held nightly. On special lunar and solar cycles and auspicious dates along the wheel of the year, all-night ceremonies are held. This means that the crystals skulls that find their way to you are highly charged, highly activated and are high vibrational beams of Light carrying the Wisdom of the Cosmos

Leandro Souza & Akator the world's largest crystal skull

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