Sirius Quartz

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The Mystic's Treasures Edition 
Ultra Rare x Potent

Code : L23.sol1

Dimension of Sword :
Weight : 3.65 kg
Length : 75 cm
Width : 5 cm
Thickness : 8 cm

Dimension of Cluster Base
Weight : 36 kg
Length : 52 cm
Width : 28 cm
Height : 20 cm


The Sword of Light
 Dispels Negative Forces
Cuts Away Ignorance


Note from Leandro :

This One is from a special mine in Bahia, Brazil.
This is the location of a Master Crystal Temple + one of the most powerful crystal vortex in the world. The quartz from this area have clear Sirian energies . They open the etheric gates and dimensional portals.

All beings even without choosing live in this world in a continuous process of learning and each always fighting with contingencies, trying to find out quickly about the truths of existing and always wanting to teach what we will never know, where did we come from, where will we go, for what?

Some peace will come when we accept that our place is an eternal student bench, having the humility of knowing nothing.

Accept a master ring that will never fill the void in our ego, and accept a King sword that will only be used correctly against our vanity and self-indulgence in evolving.

To be kings of our desire and masters of doubt.
This sword put me at this point of feeling a master and a king.

G. Leandro Souza
June 2021

The clock!!!

Tick-tock time passes!
The chair is the place of knowledge!
Tic-tac, knowing the chair!
Come back take your place!
The clock hasn't stopped!
G. Leandro Souza      

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