Brazilian Master Carver Leandro Souza's finest crystal skulls are found here. His crystal skulls and carvings are highly prized and sought after for their artistic beauty and metaphysical energetic qualities.

Leandro has brought into being 5 larger than life Master Crystal Skulls ... 5 Master Alchemists: Happy Jack, Brothers, Elvis, Ricardo II & Akator... Akator being the largest Crystal Skull in the world. 

All crystal skulls found here are highly activated, charged and energised by the 5 Master Alchemists.

Once fully energised, they contain within them all of the wisdom teachings of the 5 Master Alchemists.

Crystal Skulls contain within them the Wisdom of the Cosmos. They hold the key that unlocks our highest potential, to manifest dreams and deep profound healing.

Leandro Souza Crystal Skull Master Carver

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