Clear Quartz Fairy

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Code : F15
Weight : 402 g
Dimensions : 8 x 5 x 12.5 cm


A fairy of new beginnings and fresh starts.

She is of Clear Quartz, with Fluorite wings.
She sits on a Pink Tourmalinated Citrine with Mica


Clear Quartz

3 important key properties:

  • Energy Amplification
  • Programmability
  • Memory Storage

By focusing an intention, Clear Quartz can be programmed to assist in achieving virtually any goals in life.

This means that Dreams do and can come true. 

By visualising an image of your intention or the desired outcome within the crystal, this will have the effect of powerful psychic amplification.

By practising the same programming repeatedly, you will find that the stars begin to align and synchronicities happen, opening the path that leads to your dream.


Fluorite is known as the most colourful mineral in the world

  • most effective as a Psychic Vacuum Cleaner
  • clears mental fog, confusion, scattered and cluttered thoughts caused by insecurity and fear of the future
  • increases intuitive abilities
  • links the human mind to universal consciousness
  • enhances connection to Spirit

Purpleactivates the 3rd eye, marrying rationality/common sense with intuition.

Greencleanses the aura, chakras and subconscious mind. 'Gives new life' to the chakras by transmuting negativity towards the light and love of the universe.

Yellow enhances creativity which is then amplified through the power of the mind's projection.


Pink Tourmaline

  • shines the Light of Love to areas of the Heart which have been numbed and hurt as a result of abuse, trauma or rejection and old wounds from past relationships. This Light warms and soothes the Heart, so that it may once again feel Joy.
  • activates passion and zest for life.



  • releases that which no longer serves  and to accept that which is needed in order to move to the next higher state.

... the Merchant's Stone, Stone of Abundance
Just like the sun, Citrine radiates the energy of growth, expansion, elevation and optimism. It reaches out to the dark hidden corners of one's perceived reality of negative beliefs and brightens them.

  •  attracts wealth, prosperity and abundance
  •  raises self-esteem and self-confidence
  • removes destructive behaviour, especially self-sabotage
  • activates creativity and freedom of self-expression
  • shines the light of optimism and growth
  • stimulates intuition and connects one with Higher Knowing

It is one of two minerals on the planet which does not hold and accumulate negative energy... but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels.

Channelling the Golden Ray :
One of the colors for the crown chakra is gold. This golden ray manifests in high quality Citrine. This golden ray can be used to channel that pure crown energy into the navel to be used for conscious manifestation and creative purposes. The transmission of the golden ray into the body will serve to protect and direct the use of this powerful creative force in one's life.

The consciousness associated with the navel centre is one of physical and material power. As we learn that abundance is our Divine heritage, Citrine energy will be there to assist us in attracting to us the riches of the Earth. When the navel chakra is evolved and refined, it is possible to attract whatever material wealth is needed to live as Gods and Goddesses upon the Earth: Gods and Goddesses living in alignment with Truth and Purpose. What actually happens in this state of consciousness is that one is so attuned to the creative light force that by simply clarifying, defining and projecting what is needed, it will be drawn towards you like a powerful magnet. It is very important to only use this power of attracting and manifestation for the highest good, creating beauty and making this world a better place to live in.



  • stimulates receptivity to communication with Spirit Guides.
  • activates extra sensory perception, an enhanced sense of intuition, inner knowing and inner seeing.

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