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Totem Ring

free size
main stone : prehnite 13 x 16 mm
dolphin's eyes : black spinel

sterling silver 
rose gold plating


The dolphin is a playful spirit, invoke her to take you on a mystical journey to Atlantis.


Prehnite ~ the Stone of Prophecy

Since the ancient times, prehnite have been used by South African shamans to enhance

  • prophetic abilities
  • spiritual knowing
  • connection to Spirit Guides

Known as the 'emotional soap' prehnite is the healer's healer.

  • washes away emotional debris from the aura
  • nurtures and rejuvenates the energy field


    Black Spinel ~ Stone of Revitalisation and New Hope

    • releases the past to move forward into the future
    • a root chakra stone, stimulates the Kundalini

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