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Power Ring

size 9

sterling silver
14k gold plating


This is the Shaman's/High Prietess's power ring, to be worn during meditation/healing/sacred ceremony to invoke the Dragon's powerful medicine for

  • protection from all 4 directions
  • power of transformation and transmutation by the grace of the fire, air, water and earth element
  • divine illumination


Amethyst : Stone of Spiritual Protection & Purification

  • stimulates the pineal gland, activates the Crown chakra, moves you into a deep state of meditation effortlessly
  • helps you reach a relaxed state in which you can more easily connect with interplanetary beings, guides and helpers
  • creates a protective energetic shield around you, a field of Spiritual Light surrounding the body, protects from psychic attack
  • assists in cutting chords, purging off karmic baggage
  • transmutes lower energies into higher frequencies of joy, love , happiness, acceptance and peace before birth


Black Spinel ~ Stone of Revitalisation and New Hope

  • releases the past to move forward into the future
  • a root chakra stone, stimulates the Kundalini
  • facilitates the remembrance of the state of perfect peace



  • financial and spiritual abundance


Pink Sapphire ~ Stone of Passion & Strength of the Heart

  • offers a loving , playful energy to any relationship
  • helps overcome depression
  • heals the wound of past emotional traumas
  • offers emotional and psychic protection

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