Violet Flame Third Eye

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Code : L23.fct2
Weight : 458 g
Dimensions : 9.3 x 3.8 x 11.2 cm

♡ 1st and 2nd photo
Extremely special : There are 2 beings, both merging together forming the Violet Flame Third Eye

♡ 3rd photo shows the 3rd being on the other side

♡ Flat shape, lies perfectly on the Heart Chakra for powerful
Violet Flame Infusion


𓂀 The Intuition Super-Charger x Violet Flame Magnifier 𓂀 

One of the best 3rd Eye chakra gemstone. The white layers of quartz grounds life force energy from the cosmos into the body through the crown ... this enables the physical and subtle bodies to contain a much higher vibration of violet flame going through the psychic channels.

The combination of quartz's amplifying and magnifying energy with amethyst's violet flame :

  • super-charges intuition
  • activates psychic vision
  • promotes peace of mind
  • heals past life trauma
  • provides for safe out of body experience and shamanic journeying

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