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Totem Ring

size : 6.5 (slightly adjustable)
mainstone : larimar 14 x 30 mm
fox's eyes : black spinel
+ rhodolite garnet + blue topaz

sterling silver
black rhodium and 14k gold plating


Call upon the spirit of the Fox to tap into the ability to observe the unseen and to enter the fairy realm


Larimar ~ Stone of Feminine Power

  • awakens the Divine Feminine within
  • unleashes the voice of wisdom
  • helps break down barriers built around the heart, cleansing pain and emotional energies that no longer serve

Black Spinel ~ Stone of Revitalisation and New Hope

  • releases the past to move forward into the future
  • a root chakra stone, stimulates the Kundalini

Rhodolite Garnet

  • inspiration and emotional healing
  • attunement to Guardian Angels


Blue Topaz for inner guidance and spiritual insights, increases sensitivity of the inner senses and psychic abilities.

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