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Double Finger Totem Ring

size 5 (slightly adjustable)
main stone : baroque pearl 19 x 33 mm
frog's eyes : blue sapphire
+ blue topaz

sterling silver
black rhodium and 14k gold plating


𓂀 Frog Medicine will not allow anyone to endure a toxic environment  𓂀

Designed for the healer, to channel the frog's songs to bring in the rain : summon the powerful water element to nurture, cleanse and rejuvenate.

In shamanic healing, the frog is a walker between 2 worlds : water and earth, with a strong connection to the moon.


Baroque Pearl for grace, purity, truth and wisdom.


Blue Sapphire 

  • stimulates psychic vision, extra sensory perception and inner knowing
  • clears mental fog and confusion


Blue Topaz for inner guidance and spiritual insights, increases sensitivity of the inner senses and psychic abilities. 




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