Sirius Quartz + Black Tourmaline 🌈

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Code : L18.fc28
Weight : 2.53 kg
Dimensions : 9 x 12 x 18 cm

*** Special feature : there is a black tourmaline inclusion at the back of the skull


Note from Leandro :

This One is from a special mine in Bahia, Brazil.
This is the location of a Master Crystal Temple + one of the most powerful crystal vortex in the world.Β The quartz from this area have clear Sirian energies . They open the etheric gates and dimensional portals.

Black Tourmaline

  • has a high electric charge and is grounding at the same time. This charge purifies the 'electrical' system in the body, activates the chakras and expands the aura. It then provides a grounding path for Light to move through
  • psychic protection
  • powerful etheric vacuum cleaner, cleanses the auric field and etheric body of imbalances and disharmony
  • gets rid of destructive thoughts and emotions

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