Smokey Citrine x Golden Copper Rutiles

Code : L22.r11
Weight : 131 g
Dimensions : 5.8 x 6.8 x 6.2 cm

Note from Leandro :

💎 The Finest Grade 💎 

The quartz is of excellent clarity and lustre, gemmy and flawless.
A special find from Pedregulho Mine, Diamantina, Minais Gerais.

I call them the Dancing Rutiles. Under the light, beautiful colours of the rainbow can be seen dancing and shining brightly along the thousands of glistening golden rutile needles.


Smokey Citrine

Citrine's Golden Ray naturally attracts abundance in many forms.
Smokey Quartz grounds the high vibrations of Golden Ray into the physical body.
They work in synergy and is a power house for manifestation.


Golden Copper Rutiles 

  • connection to spiritual guidance by infusing the etheric body with Divine Light
  • powerful thought amplifier , to manifest through the power of intention
  • the needle-like structure acts like a two-way antenna to receive spiritual information or to broadcast an intention
  • an accelerator, helps things happen more quickly
  • enhances psychic abilities, learning, insight, and inspiration

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