Smokey Quartz x Golden Rutiles

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Code : L27.str1
Weight : 159 g
Dimensions : 7 x 3 x 7.5 cm


💎 Gem Grade 💎

Smokey Quartz

  • facilitates the grounding of spiritual information. This helps the understanding of experiences & insights gained from the higher vibrational plane , assimilating them in a practical , relatable and beneficial manner in the earth plane
  • highly protective and extremely cleansing , clears the space of unlimited amount of negative energy
  • purges the atmosphere of unspoken resentment & suppressed conflict.
  • assists in achieving personal + business goals by drawing the energy from the etheric plane into manifestation in the physical reality. Brings dreams and inspired ideas into being


Golden Rutiles 

  • connection to spiritual guidance by infusing the etheric body with Divine Light
  • powerful thought amplifier , to manifest through the power of intention
  • the needle-like structure acts like a two-way antenna to receive spiritual information or to broadcast an intention
  • an accelerator, helps things happen more quickly
  • enhances psychic abilities, learning, insight, and inspiration

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