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Totem Ring

size 5.75
main stone : ruby 13 x 11 mm
tiger's eyes : rhodolite garnet

sterling silver
black rhodium and 14k gold plating

If you're feeling stuck in an energetic rut, Tiger Medicine will help you move through it.

Call upon Tiger Medicine for
Passion, Power, Devotion, Independence, Strength, Focus, Perseverance, Courage, Willpower, Sensuality, Ferocity, Confidence, Silence, Solitude, Determination


Ruby stimulates the flow of prana through the body

⚡life force ⚡ courage ⚡ passion ⚡strength ⚡ enthusiasm ⚡ protection


Rhodolite Garnet

  • inspires creativity and heals the emotional body
  • attunes you to your Guardian Angels

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