Elvis the Ancient Lemurian

August 25, 2014

Elvis seen below with distinct human-like eyes
Elvis the Ancient Lemurian
Inner Earth Beings Emerging by Katrina Raphaell
At the decline of the great civilisation of Lemuria, many members of that race transformed their physical structures and entered to the realms of inner earth. Maintaining their identity as 'earthlings' they have worked diligently for the planet within the earth's inner core for thousands of years. Indeed, it is these very beings who have created so many e crystals and minerals that have been discovered and mined in the last decade. Now, some of them are literally incarnating onto the surface of the earth in crystal bodies.
These beings are different from the devas that can be called forth into the Devic Temple Crystals. These ancient Lemurians are another breed of being altogether, and yet they vibrate at a high enough frequency where it becomes possible for them to embody a crystalline form. In this situation, any number of different crystals and stones may be the dwelling places for inner earth Lemurians. These highly refined beings will manifest themselves in a crystal or a stone in a way that will leave no doubt whether or not they are there. Sometimes a face with distinct features and rainbow eyes will be found within a crystal. Or, an entire body with explicitly ned limbs and an elaborate costume will be present, presenting no question that the crystal or stone is inhabited.
These ancient Lemurians have surfaced on the Earth in pure crystalline form at this time in order to relay certain messages and transmit information that can help us now in the salvation of our planet. They have seen the rise and fall of their own civilisation and have learned throughout the ages how to prevent destruction, whether it be of a race, or of an entire planet. These crystalline beings are mostly appearing in crystals and stones that are being mined in Brazil. Understandably so, since South America is one of the locations where remnants of the Lemurian Empire can be found. Brazilian quartz as well as tourmaline often provide the vehicles through which inner earth Lemurians can incarnate.

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