Elvis the Laser Wand

September 06, 2014


Elvis is not just a singing crystal skull, he is also a laser wand


Elvis the Laser Wand


The Rebirth of Laser Wands 

Laser Wands are inconspicuously dynamic and powerful crystals. They have been held in safekeeping within the earth since ancient days when they were used in the healing temples of Lemuria. They were laid to rest before the fall of the great Lemurian empire by the elders of that race and have been in a dormant stage until just a moment ago in our time period. The laser wands were stored within the sacred chambers of underground temples and are now being relocated, mostly into mines on the South American continent. The beings of inner earth have kept these crystals safe and protected and have only recently released them onto the surface of the earth to be used once again in advanced healing practices. Within these crystals lie the secret of laser ray projection. We, as a race, are only now ready to consciously use a small portion of their potential. In the wrong hands these power objects could create much damage and negative results. In the right hands they become extremely effective healing tools and beneficial teachers.


Laser wands carry within them the knowledge not only of the ancient root civilisations but of the stellar spaces from which they oriented. These crystals have a profound and intimate relationship with both outer space and the depths of inner earth.When they are worked with by humans on the surface of the planet, they serve to create a bridge between the world.


~ Katrina Raphaell



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